Personal Care Zeolite Powder - 500g


Powdered zeolite has many wonderful benefits for your body. Zeolite absorbs toxins and heavy metals, effectively removing them from the body.

Sprinkle 2 tbsp in the bath and enjoy a luxurious soak. Add equal parts of Epson Salts for added relaxation and a boost of magnesium.

Mix with coconut oil for a wonderful body scrub. The ratio is about 4:1.

Dip a soft brush in the powder and dust underarms and other areas that get sweaty.

Add to laundry or soak your sweaty, stinky clothing in a bucket with 1 tbsp of powder to remove the smell. Add the works to your wash cycle.

Not intended for personal consumption. Our zeolite is completely natural and has not been cleaned in any manner. It is not approved to be ingested.