Pee Pad Zeolite Powder


fresh-N products contain a powerful volcanic mineral called zeolite. The mineral removes smell. It traps and stores the smell inside its honeycomb structure. It is safe for the pet and yourself and highly effective.

The mineral can be sprinkled on the pee pad itself and/or placed in a small container which is NOT plastic and left in the area where the pee pad is.

If a mistake is made and the pet missed the pee pad, sprinkle the mineral directly on the mistake after wiping up any dampness or solid matter and leave overnight. Vacuum up the mineral and mix into the soil of your garden, or dump in your compost bin.

A customer asked me about this a few weeks back. I gave her a sample and asked for a report. Last Sunday at the White Rock Market she appeared at the booth very excited. "It Works! It's Excellent!" was the comment.

The jar is a 500ml canning jar. It contains approximately 2 cups of powder which will last several months when used sparingly as recommended.