Market Special


Market Special 

Market season is in full swing. Farmer's Markets are a terrific way for customers to pick up items directly from the producer. We connect with our customers, hang out in the sun and enjoy the ambiance.

We often introduce new products in this environment. It's a fabulous testing ground for new ideas. Feedback is immediate, which we LOVE!

Currently, at market, we are offering a Home Starter Set. This set includes:

A large pouch

This pouch removes smell in up to a 10' x 10' room. If you have a smoker in the house, a shoe closet, a musty basement, a teenager's bedroom ... and you want a room freshener that does not add more smell, this is the zeolite pouch for you.  Alternatively, if you have a big smell in the room; a litter box or pet bed; a rodent cage, a bird cage... This pouch is an odor eliminator for a smelly room.

A medium pouch

Used in fridges originally, this pouch is often used around composting bins or by kitchen garbage cans. 

Inside the fridge, the zeolite in the pouch controls the moisture which means the fridge does not have to cycle as often to keep itself cold which is an energy savings to you. The pouch stops the cross contamination of smells between foods and generally makes everything smell and taste better.

Beside a garbage or compost, the zeolite absorbs ethylene gas, moisture in the air and smell emitted when food is breaking down.

A banana pouch

Hang this pouch with your bananas, place it in a fruit bowl, or drop it in a crisper draw. The zeolite mineral absorbs the ethylene gas released as fruits and vegetables ripen which does 2 things. It means that fruits and vegetables stay firmer and crisper approximately 48 hours longer and you will not have fruit flies.

The pouches are designed to last for about three years and will continue to work with just a tiny bit of maintenance. Follow this link to learn how to care for your pouches.

Take advantage of this market special for only $25.00.