Granular Zeolite in Bulk
Granular Zeolite in Bulk

Granular Zeolite in Bulk

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Zeolite is known for its absorbing qualities. Fresh-N zeolite absorbs odor, moisture, toxins and heavy metals depending on where and how it is used.

fresh-N the air in your home!

Not only will zeolite absorb smells in your home and excess moisture, it has also been used to absorb off-gassing from carpets, laminates and paint fumes, radiation and other noxious gases.  There has been increased awareness about radiation around us from many sources and using zeolite will help reduce this. Having zeolite around the house helps to absorb the gases and other nasties that are lurking in the air. Zeolite is a wonderful solution if you have allergies and it helps to freshen the air in the room. A few ideas for how to use granular zeolite are:

  • Sprinkle the bulk zeolite directly on the soil on the tops of household plants. The zeolite absorbs the gases and smells out of the air, converts them to a nitrate and feeds the roots of the plants.
  • Use the bulk zeolite in decorative ways as well.  Sprinkle on a plate around candles and use a centre piece on the table.
  • In a dish in the kitchen to remove cooking smells.
  • In a dish beside your fruit bowl or your compost bin to absorb ethylene gas resulting in longer lasting fruit and vegetables and no fruit flies.

Zeolite also absorbs off gassing from new carpets, laminate floors, paint and new cupboards, which can cause breathing problems and allergies. New building materials can off-gas for a significant period of time. Off-gassing is something we can't smell and yet it can affect our health. Improve your air quality by using zeolite throughout your home.

There are many uses for zeolite. Here are a few more of the common applications:

  • Use granular zeolite as a kitty litter additive or a rodent cage litter additive to reduce the smell.  Another alternative is to use our Pet Fresh-N pouches, which are place beside litter boxes and cages, rather than sprinkled in the litter.
  • Spread granular zeolite on your grass to keep it greener as the zeolite works as a slow release fertilizer.
  • Zeolite on your artificial turf will help reduce pet odors.
  • Add zeolite to your planters in about a 10% mix to improve the plant growth and water retention in the soil.
  • Place granular zeolite on small paper plates in crawl spaces or musty places to remove the smell and absorb the moisture.
    • pour 1 cup (200g) of zeolite on the paper plate (paper is best, do NOT use plastic)
    • place 1 plate every 15 ft around the perimeter of the room
    • placing a small fan in the room will help move the air around, helping the zeolite to work faster

    Zeolite is one of nature's miracles. The rock itself absorbs (adsorbs if you want to be technically correct) odor, moisture, toxins and heavy metals from its surroundings and traps it all inside the honeycomb structure of the mineral. This happens because the rock contains negative ions.

    Our large pouches contain 1 cup of mineral and are recommended for a room 10'x10'. Zeolite is very powerful and as long as it is exposed to the air and the air has some movement, highly effective in very small quantities.

    The result is that the smell, or moisture, or toxins, or heavy metals (radiation) are removed - forever, as long as the source of the smell is also gone.

    fresh-N zeolite is shipped from Langley, BC, which is very close to Vancouver and we ship North America wide.