Dish Cloth from Ha Ra

Dish Cloth from Ha Ra

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Dish Cloth

This new Ha-Ra Cloth is great for in your kitchen!


  • 13 x 13"
  • lasts for years
  • eliminates sponges and cotton dishcloths
  • drastically reduces the use of paper towel
  • highly absorbent which makes quick spills and clean up very easy
  • crumbs literally stick to the cloth because of its amazing fibres
    • kitchen clean up is quick and easy
  • fibres on both sides of the cloth
  • the cloth is grey in color, stains are not visible
  • grab a second cloth and dust your home
    • fibres act like magnets to pick up all the dust and dirt in one easy step

How to use:

Dampen and wipe. It’s that easy! Rinse with water after use and hang to dry. Wash in washer in cold or warm, preferably with Ha-Ra Saponella and hang to dry. 

“Protecting You and the Environment”