Compost Fresh-N
Compost Fresh-N
compost fresh-n zeolite pouch dark green
compost fresh-n zeolite pouch pink camo
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Compost Fresh-N

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A Smelly Compost Bin - YUCK!

Does your Kitchen Compost smell?

Place this little pouch on top of the compost bin, or hang it from the bin and the GROSSNESS is gone. Fruit flies don’t appear and the smell just isn’t there.

Another great use is by the kitchen garbage. Drop of the floor of the cupboard or hang from the bin or inside the cabinet and the smell is gone!

Compost fresh-N pouches contain a volcanic mineral called zeolite which will absorb the smell and ethylene gas from the compost bin or garbage can.

What is ethylene gas? It's the gas that fruit and vegetables produce as they ripen. When we remove the ethylene as with our compost fresh-N pouch, the fruit flies also disappear.

This pouch is the same size as our fridge fresh-N pouch. For more colours please click here.

Each pouch last approximately 3 years and can be recharged either in the sun or in the microwave. Click here for more detailed instructions.

Each pouch contains 1/2 cup of zeolite mineral and will work in an area approximately 20 sq ft. For more info on our pouches follow this link.