Zeolite Pouch Re-Energizing

guess what, you can continue to use your pouches!

Zeolite Pouch Re-energizing can be done easily a few times each year. This will help to keep them working effectively. The simplest way to re-energize your pouches is to place them in HOT SUN, preferably when the humidity is low.

Here are some other options:

  1. place your pouches on the window sill in direct sunlight
  2. place your pouches over the heat vent
  3. place your pouches in the microwave until the pouches are damp
    • banana or crisper pouches need 15 second blasts
    • fridge, compost or SportzGemz shoe pouches need 20 second blasts
    • auto, home, pet or any large pouches need 30 second blasts
  4. place your pouches in the dryer in a pillow case for 20 minutes
  5. place your pouches on a cookie sheet in the oven – set the oven to no more than 200F

The zeolite inside the pouches won’t burn, but the fabric may. DO NOT exceed the recommended time if you choose to use the oven or microwave!  Also, make sure pouches are in a pillow case for the dryer, just in case the pouch opens.

The mineral absorbs and neutralizes smell.  That means that you CAN re-energize your hockey pouches in your microwave and your microwave WON’T smell like the sports equipment.

You may find that you need to re-energize your pouches earlier than six months.  If the amount of smell and moisture is excessive (like a well used hockey bag), you may have to renew the pouches every few weeks to start.  As you continue to use the pouches, you won’t have to re-energize them as frequently.

All our pouches are designed to work for 3 years.  After about 3 years, the fabric pouches will look worn.  If you cut the pouches open and mix them into the garden or sprinkle the zeolite evenly across the lawn.  Zeolite is a eco mineral and will release what it has collected as nitrates which nourish your plants.  If by chance, the pouches are sent  to the land fill, the zeolite will absorb the methane gas released by the garbage.  It’s all good!

a fantastic choice and a responsible decision!


We are not RESPONSIBLE NOR are we LIABLE if you burn your pouches.