Zeolite Area Coverage

fresh-N pouches are designed for specific areas. Choose the pouch recommended for the area or even upsize for best results. You will be disappointed if you overwhelm the mineral by choosing a pouch that is too small. 

Expose as much surface area of the as possible to the smell and make sure there is air movement in the area. We are very happy to answer questions, please contact us.

Banana pouches will reach an area around a small fruit bowl or a bunch on bananas. This pouch contains 1/4 cup of mineral. (up to 2 sq. ft.)

Medium pouches are designed to remove the smell from a compost bin or a kitchen garbage area. Even the small compost bins need this size pouch as the smaller, banana pouches become overwhelmed very quickly and you will be having to recharge them often. This size pouch will also go into your fridge or freezer. This pouch contains about 1/2 cup of mineral. (up to 20 sq. ft,)

Shoe pouches are designed to fit into the footwear or gloves. When inside, the pouch will dry and remove the smell. Shoe pouches dry fast enough that the bacteria does not have a chance to form. This pouch contains about 1/2 cup of mineral.

Large pouches work in a large area (up to 100 sq. ft.) with a lingering smell or a small area with a large smell (eg. sports bag or litter box). This size is also for cars. This pouch contains about 1 cup of mineral.

All pouches are a breathable fabric. If you are making your own pouches, place your hand behind the fabric and blow through it. If you can feel your breath on your hand, the fabric is breathable. 

For re-energizing instructions follow this link.