“My husband went fishing and brought home a nice, big salmon. While he was away, I picked up our new car. After I picked him up, we placed the salmon in the truck and promptly forgot about it. Three days later, after the long weekend, I went out to the car only to SMELL the rotten salmon. I placed Auto Fresh-N in the trunk and overnight the smell was gone. The smell has never returned!”  Katherine, Abbotsford


“Wendy – the Fridge Fresh N and Crisper Fresh N are seriously amazing! I can’t get over how much longer our produce is lasting, and the fridge always smells fresh and clean. That zeolite stuff is pretty awesome. Thanks so much for creating such a fantastic product line – I highly recommend them to everyone!” Kristi Ferguson

“While spring cleaning yesterday, I discovered potatoes which had been purchased prior to Christmas in the corner of our kitchen. The corner is used for bags and other things that accumulate. The potatoes were bad, but we didn’t smell them. We had placed Kitchen Fresh-N on the counter above and you couldn’t smell anything. My wife said, “If I had any doubts about how well this product works, I don’t anymore!” Rod

‘I promised you feedback, and I must say, I’m impressed. Our house has a jet stream that sends kitchen smells right up the stairway to the bedrooms. I put a pouch at the top of the stairs, and the difference is amazing. Broccoli, onions, fish – all just disappear in a short time. Love this stuff!’ Linda, Albuquerque, NM

“Wendy, I love my new fresh-N products! One in the kitty litter room, one under the kitchen sink, two in the fridge … fantastic! What a difference! Where have you been all my life {with these products}? GRIN.” Leanne

PETS ODOR – what’s that?

“Just wanted to say that the product you had sent to me to rid my house of that dead rodent smell, works! I was very skeptical at first, but after one day of having it out, I noticed a big improvement, and the smell is virtually gone. Amazing!” Emma Lee

“I just need to share this. This is like no other product line I have encountered. When I walk into Wendy’s home, even though she has both a beautiful dog and a cat running around, and like me kids and their stuff everywhere, I am never hit by any pet odor, or for that matter any odor at all as I walk in. The air inside her home is as fresh as the air outside and I don’t have to hold my nose because a deordorizer, with an overpowering smell, was used to disguise any smells. Fresh-N offers an opportunity to eliminate odors and leave any room, car or bag odor-free. It is definitely a must-have product!” Tracey


“This is my 2nd pair!! Bought one to try and I loved them. You have a customer for life. Thank you!!” Priscilla Decker, El Paso, TX

“My husband brings in his golf bag and drops it in the front hall. The hallway used to reek. I dropped a set of Gentlemen Gems in the pockets of the golf bag. I’m fairly certain he doesn’t know they’re there and I don’t have to worry about the smell in my front hall. Thank you!” Angie, Langley

“I used to have to buy new shoes just to get rid of the smell. Now I have a pair of Diva Diamondz in each shoe drawer and the problem is gone. Thank you for created such a fantastic product.” Karen, Alberta

“I own ALL 4 DANCE in Edmonton I haven’t had any complaints from my customers about the Diva Diamonds. My wife also uses them for her Tap shoes, she owns a Dance Studio, and swears by them so that’s what we tell our customers.” Damian Ehlers


“Just to let everyone know that these things actually really work! I have been using them for the past two years in my cycling shoes. My office at work is clean smelling, LOL!” Dave, Cloverdale

“Wendy, I received the SportzGemz and used them…I never expected them to work THAT well!! This product is amazing!! I am a lifelong customer now. In fact I would like to order some more ASAP so you will be seeing my name on your shipping list very soon. Thanks for saving my sense of smell! Sincerely,” Bev Osterink, Heathrow, Florida

“SportzGemz smell great (they have no smell) and work on daughter’s tough soccer shoe and glove odors. Thanks.” C Beans, Atlanta, Georgia

“I purchased your sportzgemz inserts for my daughters soccer cleats & they got rid of the smell overnight… I love your products & have told many friends about them.Thanks again!” Julie, Clarksburg, MA

“Hi, I’m a 30 year old male, and I play recreational hockey 2 or 3 times a week. Before sportzgemz, whenever I opened my hockey bag, a super toxic odor would come out. I would gag and choke, my lungs and eyes would burn, I even threw up in my mouth a bit from the smell…it was THAT bad! Now it’s all under control, thanks to sportzgemz! I recommend it to all hockey players! Especially the guys! Now, if I could only get the rest of the team to buy some, the bench wouldn’t be so stinky…” Nelson, Scarborough, ON