Best Zeolite Products

7 reasons why Fresh-N products are the best zeolite products!

Safe to use around the home, in vehicles, shoes and sports equipment.  Non-toxic and unscented!

1. Our zeolite is over 90% pure – which means more active ingredient to eliminate odor.

2. The mine we work with is in a very dry area of North America, which means we don’t have to use extra resources to dry our zeolite.  The result is a faster drying product for you.  Moisture control is one of the properties of our zeolite.

3. Great fabrics!  We don’t package our zeolite in BORING cloth or fibrous bags.  We use bright, fun patterns and fabrics.   This is great in sports bags.  Kids and adults are reminded to use the pouches.

4. Different fabrics for different locations.  I’m fairly certain most people don’t want to take their pouches out of shoes or sports equipment and place them in the fridge.  Yes, they will work and do a great job removing smell and controlling moisture in both locations – BUT…

5. Dust control – zeolite is a soft mineral.  There can be some dust.  Our fabrics work to control the amount of dust created.  Porous bags don’t do this.

6. Custom work.  Our pouches are easily customizable for fund raising or private labeling.

7. Canadian. We are Canadian. Our products are made and packaged in Canada. In fact, we employ at-risk teens and single moms, teach them a skill and pay them a living wage to produce for us.

We promise you …NOTHING. {no smell}

If you’ve ever stood at the top of a mountain and smelt clean fresh air, you know the smell of clean.  It doesn’t smell like dog, or the litter box, or last night’s dinner, it has zero odor.

When you open the door after a long day, your Fresh-N Home Products have been hard at work making sure your walking into a fresh home – really it just doesn’t smell.

Fresh-N pouches don’t have any smell either.  They simply draw the smell from the air around them for natural odor neutralizing.

easy to use. it works.

Simply place the pouch in the room.  Airflow helps the pouches work, so find a place in the room where there is air movement.  You may have to move the pouches a few times to have them work at their maximum effectiveness.

We do recommend that the cat or dog or child don’t chew on the pouch, but if they do, the mineral inside the pouch won’t harm them.


We are eco-friendly! Simply place them in the sun for daylight hours. Visit our pouch re-energizing page for more.

no guess work.

Choose the colors that match your decor. We have pouches and granules – which ones do you want to use?

smell & moisture a problem? we’ve got a solution!

Our all natural products containing zeolite removes odor and absorbs moisture, safely and effectively.

What is zeolite? Synthetic and natural zeolites are hydrated aluminosilicates with symmetrically stacked alumina and silica tetrahedra which result in an open and stable three-dimensional honeycomb structure with a negative charge. The negative charge within the pores is neutralized by positively charged ions (cations) such as sodium. Over 150 zeolite structural types have been identified.

The above definition is very technical. What it means is that when you place our pouches near a smell or close to moisture, the zeolite inside the pouch absorbs it and eliminates it.

No Smell Freshness – the real smell of clean! You don’t spray our products. Simply place the pouches close to the odor and forget about them. In a few hours, usually overnight, when you return to the room, your home or get into your car, you won’t smell anything! The ultimate in smell removal.  Simply put – a fresh home.

We have developed different zeolite products to use around the house and in sports equipment. Our testing has proven them very effective and our blog and testimonials on the product pages support this.