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Market Special 

This group is our most popular at market.  It provides one of each of our fresh-N pouches for you to try.  Each zeolite filled pouch is specifically designed to cover a area of your home. The larger the pouch, the larger the area the zeolite will reach and the longer the zeolite will be able to absorb for. 

A large pouch

This pouch removes smell in up to a 10' x 10' room. If you have a smoker in the house, a shoe closet, a musty basement, a teenager's bedroom ... and you want a room freshener that does not add more smell, this is the zeolite pouch for you.  Alternatively, if you have a big smell in a small space; a litter box or pet bed; a rodent cage, a bird cage... This pouch is the one to use.

A medium pouch

Originally created to use in the fridge, this pouch quickly caught on as in house composting became the norm. 

Inside the fridge, the zeolite in the pouch controls the moisture which means the fridge does not have to cycle as often to keep itself cold which is an energy savings to you. The pouch also stops the cross contamination of smells between foods and generally makes everything smell and taste better.

Beside a garbage or compost, the zeolite absorbs ethylene gas, moisture in the air and smell emitted when food is breaking down. This means the compost or garbage doesn't stink and you don't have fruit flies buzzing around.

A banana pouch

Hang this pouch with your bananas, place it in a fruit bowl, or drop it in a crisper drawer in the fridge. The zeolite mineral absorbs the ethylene gas released as fruits and vegetables ripen which means 2 things;

  • fruits and vegetables stay firmer and crisper approximately 48 hours longer
  • no fruit flies

The pouches are designed to last for about three years and will continue to work with just a tiny bit of maintenance. Follow this link to learn how to care for your pouches.

Take advantage of this market special for only $25.00.