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Clears the Air!

Fresh-N Home freshen the air in your home.  Place them around the house.  You will smell NOTHING!

  • the pouches do not smell
  • musty smells are gone
  • front loading washer smells are gone
  • the bad smell in the house is gone
  • keeps the closet from smelling musty
  • the basement has no smell
  • the sports equipment room does not stink
  • no odour comes from the crawl space
  • use in the linen closet so your linens don't smell musty
  • place by the litter box
  • removes toxic chemicals from off-gassing of carpet, paint, new cupboards and more

Indoor air quality is very important.  Improve the quality of the air in your home with your zeolite pouch. Fresh-N Home clears the air. The cation structure of the zeolite (honeycomb) filters the bad out of the air. The pouches will work for months on smell and off-gassing. Zeolite removes lingering smells by trapping and removing them from the air. Each pouch will also absorb the off-gassing (VOC's) of woods, paints, fabrics and carpets in the home. The result is a home that smells of nothing - the smell is completely neutral. Zeolite does not put anything into the air, so there is not a concern about airborne allergens. 

The zeolite in the pouches also help to control moisture in the home and reduce the dampness and the smell that goes with it.

Each pouch is 3" wide x 5.5" high and removes the smell, moisture and off-gassing in 100 sq.ft. Use for 3 or 4 months and then recharge by placing in the sun or in the microwave. Further instructions can be found here. The pouch will last approximately 3 years.

Auto fresh-N and pet fresh-N pouches are the same size. Click on the pouch name to be taken to those pages.

We reserve the right to substitute prints. We will try to stay in the same colour family.

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