Laundry Soap


For all your laundry.

Removes the smell that lingers in the cloth. Organic ingredients work to gently and thoroughly clean. Even towels that remain in linen closets will not have that "funky" smell.

fresh-N Laundry Soap is a fine ground powdered soap which replaces your commercial laundry soap.

fresh-N Laundry Soap will not contaminate water systems, nor add harsh chemicals to the water or the clothes.

fresh-N Laundry Soap does not leave a smell in the clothing and has very little smell itself. No fragrance has been added.

fresh-N Laundry Soap will clean 40 full loads of laundry.

fresh-N Laundry Soap has been used on front loading washers. It also helps prevent the smell that some front loaders have.

fresh-N Laundry Soap has been cleaning clothes for over 4 years now. It is effective and worth every penny.

Test out the soap! Order a sample today!

Note: This product contains borax and is not recommended for use on the clothing of children under 5 years of age.