Home Fresh-N Pouches


breathe better - live better!

A fresh smelling home is:

  • when there isn’t a musty smell
  • when you can’t smell the litter box
  • when you don’t know what we had last night for dinner
  • when the front loading washer does not smell … 

There are so many house smells that are eliminated when you use Fresh-N Home pouches.

Fresh-N Home pouches are created in neutral fabrics and designed for anywhere and with everything.   They are our “little black dress” pouch. The perfect accessory for every room. 

The pouches at 3" wide x 5.5" high and remove the smell in 100 sq.ft each.

Fresh-N Home pouches are easy to use.  Place them around the house.  You will smell NOTHING!

  • your house smells good – bad grammer, but highly searched!
  • the musty smell is gone
  • front loading washer smells gone
  • the bad smell in the house is gone
  • fresh smelling closet
  • the basement has no smell
  • the sports equipment room does not stink
  • no odour comes from the crawl space

Indoor air quality is very important.  Fresh-N Home pouches are natural odor removers.  The pouches also help to control moisture in the home.

VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) are another problem in many homes.  VOC’s are released by carpets, paint, cupboards, counters and other indoor building materials.  Our pouches absorb VOC’s.  They are captured and eliminated within the mineral inside the pouch.

Our pouches work anywhere there is unwanted odor!

Order a 3 pouch set and save!