Powdered Zeolite


Zeolite is one of nature's miracles. Powdered zeolite absorbs (adsorbs if you want to be technically correct) odor, moisture, toxins and heavy metals from its surroundings and traps it all inside the honeycomb structure of the mineral. This happens because the rock contains negative ions.

Powdered Zeolite for detox

This zeolite is so finely ground that it a powder. Your skin will be silky smooth as the powdered zeolite acts as a polish. Add it to soaps or lotions as an exfoliant. Combine with an oil, such as coconut as a scrub. Sprinkle in a tub of water for a bath soak and chelation treatment which helps detoxify the body by removing toxins and heavy metals.

Another use is either as a presoak, or laundry additive. The powdered zeolite draws smells out of fabric. This works amazing on base layer clothing - such as Under Armour and work out clothing.

Disclaimer: Our zeolite is completely natural, with no additives. It has not been "cleaned" or purified and it not intended for internal use. The above statements are from research we have read and experience we have had in using the product ourselves over many years.