Viva Ultra Cloth from Ha Ra

Viva Ultra Cloth from Ha Ra

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Viva Ultra Cleaning Cloth

The Viva Ultra Cleaning Cloth is an all-purpose double-sided cleaning cloth, especially designed to remove stubborn dirt on smooth and hard surfaces, indoors and outdoors.


  • Size 15 x 9 cm
  • Composition
    • Viva Fibre: 100% polyester, 9 mm pile height
    • Ultra Fibre: 100% polyester, 8 mm pile height
  • Outdoor applications:
    • algae removal, aluminium, bicycles and helmets, cars, plastic or tents
  • Indoor applications:
    • aquariums, bathrooms, especially toilets and glass shower doors, chrome, glass, iron, kitchens and appliances, mirrors, silicone, silver, and suede.

How to use:

Add a drop of Protective Formula to 2 litres of water, immerse the Viva Ultra Cloth and then wring it out. Rub the surface to be cleaned in a circular motion, allowing the fibres and the water to do the work and loosen the grease and dirt. Dry off with a Ha-Ra Brilliant Polishing Cloth or Natura Cloth.

“Protecting You and the Environment”