Nano Hedgehog from Ha Ra
Nano Hedgehog from Ha Ra
Nano Hedgehog from Ha Ra
Nano Hedgehog from Ha Ra

Nano Hedgehog from Ha Ra

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Nano Hedgehog

The Nano Hedgehog is the ideal cloth for high-powered cleaning in the kitchen and the bathroom. Ideal for cleaning cook tops, ovens, pots, sinks, stainless steel surfaces, utensils, tiles, grout. This unique cloth cuts through the toughest dirt and grease with ease and turn it over to dry the surface afterwards. 


  • Safe to use!
  • Tackles the most dirty/greasy surfaces in kitchen and bathroom in less time and with less effort
  • Cleans and dries at the same time so no further drying is necessary
  • Blue side is designed to tear through dirt, while the white side picks the dirt up and dries the surface
  • Made of 2 different polyester fibers:
    • One side is a combination of unique, blue monofiber and white fibers
    • The other side is all white fibers
    • Approximately 18 million fibers for high-powered cleaning
  • For both household and commercial use
  • Save over 95% on cleaning products
  • Patent protected
  • Uses the cleaning power of water to achieve an exceptional clean
  • Minimizes your exposure to toxic componds
  • Hand made in Germany or Switzerland by Ha Ra Products
  • High quality fiber, lasts for years if care instructions are followed

For an added punch use with the Ha-Ra Blue Paste for additional cleaning power or use it in combination with the plant based Ha-Ra Protective Formula.

“Protecting You and the Environment”