Zeolite, Fresh, Cut Flowers and Vegetables May 19 2015, 0 Comments

Keep your fresh cut flowers longer

Fresh, cut flowers brighten a room instantly! They are a wonderful way of bringing nature indoors and often a show of appreciation from a favourite person. The colour and fragrance are fabulous and they are an instant uplift in mood.

There are ways of keeping your flowers lasting longer: cutting the stems on an angle; adding sugar to the water; making sure the water is room temperature when the flowers are submerged; add granular zeolite to the water ... however, your flowers will wither and die quickly when left beside a bowl of fruit of placed next to your bananas. 

Ethylene gas destroys flowers.

As fruit and vegetables ripen they release ethylene gas. Some are even sprayed with the gas to help the ripening process. This gas causes flowers to wilt faster.

Place your flowers away from your fruit and vegetables and make sure you have a zeolite pouch close to them. One zeolite pouch close to the fruit to catch any wayward ethylene and another close to the vegetables to quickly remove the ethylene there. Both fruit and vegetables will last longer. 

 Fresh, Cut Flowers


Ethylene Gas and Zeolite November 13 2014, 0 Comments

Ethylene Gas - What is it?

If you have ever noticed that fruit ripens quickly on the kitchen counter or even faster inside the fridge? Or that bananas get brown spots in just a few days. This happens because a harmless, odorless, colourless gas called ethylene is at work in your kitchen.

According to Wikipedia, ethylene gas has had a long history. From the ancient Egyptians, who gashed figs in order to stimulate ripening to gas lanterns causing stunting of growths, abnormal thickening of stems and the twisting of plants on street lights with gas leaks; to more modern science and a 1935 proposal by Crocker that suggested ethylene was a plant hormone responsible for fruit ripening. Since 1935, science has been involved in the study of ethylene and how to use this gas to maximize the ripeness of your produce at exactly the time it comes into your home.

Approximately $600 in fruit and vegetables is thrown away each year because it ripens before it can be eaten.

Ethylene Gas and Zeolite

Zeolite is a natural mineral with unique absorbing properties. One of the gases that zeolite will absorb is ethylene.

In short, ethylene is produced as produce ripens and is absorbed by the zeolite. When the ethylene is gone, the produce ripens slower and lasts longer.

Why are they called Banana Pouches?

We first discovered that zeolite absorbed ethylene quite by accident. A pouch from one of our other sets was left on the kitchen counter and the bananas stayed crisp and fresh for almost a week. At first we didn't notice, but the next bunch turned brown in just a few days (after the pouch was removed), so the investigation began. The information was easily and readily available with just a few internet searches.

How to use Banana Pouch

Banana pouches "hang out" with your fruit. They can hang from a banana tree, on the edge of a fruit bowl or even in your crisper drawers. If they are placed in the fruit bowl or the crisper drawer, they will work as well, however they are more effective if hung. Banana pouches can also be used with vegetables as they release ethylene gas as well.

Banana pouches will work for several months and then will need to be renewed. Simply place the pouch in the microwave for 30 seconds and the pouch is ready to go back to work.

CAUTION: The pouch will be HOT after 30 seconds! Remove with care.

Banana Pouches & Fruit Flies

The other AMAZING side effect of this process is that fruit flies are not present. There are many theories of where these annoying creatures come from so the fact that Banana Pouches discourage their presence is AWESOME.

Best of all! Banana Pouches are only $5!