Slow the ripening of fresh fruit

Zeolite is a microporous, aluminosilicate mineral that is commonly used as adsorbents and catalysts. They have a unique ability to selectively adsorb molecules based on their size and polarity, making them useful in a variety of applications, including food preservation.

When our zeolite pouches are places with fresh fruit, the fruit stay fresh for longer because the zeolite adsorbs ethylene gas. Ethylene is a naturally occurring plant hormone that is released by fruits as they ripen, and it can accelerate the ripening process and cause fruits to spoil more quickly.

By adsorbing ethylene gas, zeolites can slow down the ripening process and help to extend the shelf life of fruits. This is particularly useful in the case of delicate fruits such as berries, which tend to spoil quickly and are difficult to transport and store.

In addition to adsorbing ethylene gas, zeolites can also help to regulate the moisture content of fruits by adsorbing excess moisture and preventing the growth of mold and bacteria. This can further extend the shelf life of fruits and help to maintain their quality and freshness.

And yes, adsorb is the correct spelling.


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