September 2022 Give Away!


Thank you everyone who has supported us and other local businesses! We are putting together a give away for people who have come to farmers markets and purchased local products! We are doing this to support small businesses, each other, and help advertise other businesses!

Here is the grand list of all the businesses who have donated product for this give away! 

Pants Off Pantry

Hi my name is Sara and I am the face behind Pants Off Pottery! I am a full time firefighter who likes to get muddy in my free time. I live on the North Shore of Vancouver, BC and am always inspired by the mountains and waters that surround me.  
I took my very first pottery class in 2015 and two more classes years later. Once Covid hit I dove deep into pottery. Considered selling a kidney on the black market to afford all the pottery equipment needed, I decided to have my credit card take the hit instead. I have been loving the whole process of pottery and enjoy sharing it. Seeing the process of how a piece is made I feel gives people the opportunity to appreciate the art that much more.
A lot of sweat, swears and beers over the years but always worth it in the end. Many fails... many many fails but always learning which I don’t believe will ever end. 

Instagram @pantsoffpottery

Kics Lemonade

Vancouver’s Original Lemonade Lady!

Artisan lemonade mixes, cocktail syrups, and salad dressings. Lover & collaborator with all things local.

Instagram: @kicslemonade

Angkor Harvest

Our commitment

Sour sdey! Welcome to Angkor Harvest. We are a family-owned and operated, BC-based company in Steveston, BC. Angkor Harvest delivers premium certified organic every day food staples to you in bigger sizes, resealable and recyclable packaging at affordable prices. Our belief- in that eating wholesome, delicious food with unique flavors is the foundation of leading a
healthy lifestyle-, fuels our passion to serve you.

We’re passionate about transforming simple, yet flavorful certified organic ingredients into healthy, affordable and delicious meals to nourish your body and inspire your love of food and cooking. Nothing but clean, healthy food you are proud to prepare for your family and friends. 


Led by, responsible consumption, Angkor Harvest surveys our carbon footprint across our supply chain. We support fellow local suppliers and have chosen to bring you our premium and delicious certified organic food in bigger sizes and in convenient resealable (to ensure optimal freshness) and recyclable packaging. By consciously purchasing food that we regularly eat, in bigger packages,  we are dramatically reducing waste and conserving energy, water and other vital resources.

Instagram: @angkor_harvest
Christine J. Logan

Canadian Author

  Christine started writing at the young age of fifteen. Everything from doing her best from working many minimum paid jobs to enjoying life as a very proud mother and grandmother, has filled her life with so much to inspire her, she had to let it out.

Christine supports P.W.D. since 2008 and has been self-publishing her books since 2011. She lives a simple life with her loving husband and their beautiful cat, Snow White.

 Her life is rich in love and overflowing in imagination and inspiration from everyone she knows and meets.

Christine has just released her second children's book. A book about a black lab pup named Rosie.

 Vitale Body & Soul Care

Vitale grew out of my passion for being eco-friendly and cruelty-free, while focusing on wellness and nourishing others. I wanted to use products that I knew were safe and I wanted others to have those options, too.

Vitale is the journey to nurture one’s mind, body and environment. Vitale strives for wholeness through understanding the full-body benefits of living a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle and through using the cleanest, most sustainable products available.

In realizing the power of individual actions to save our planet, I wanted to make it easier for people to begin their journey towards a vegan, zero-waste lifestyle starting with products that provide care for the body and soul.

For me veganism and zero-waste lifestyles are both part of something bigger: trying not to live at the expense of others. Both concepts complement each other well. These two eco-friendly lifestyles are two sides of the same coin, grounded in ethics and rooted in our reality.

My mission is simply stated: I demand both cruelty-free and high quality, plus a tremendous value for the price, with a minimal impact on the earth and a positive impact on our customer’s wellbeing. I could only achieve what I believe you deserve by putting together body and soul care products. 

Vitale’s philosophy is to keep things simple and the vision is of a kinder, gentler world harmonized with a modern awareness of socially, environmentally conscious, personally designed sets and creations.

Instagram @vitalebodyandsoulcare

Naza Naturals

Hello! We’re so glad you popped by...

I always find it interesting to read the story behind a company to get a sense of where they’re coming from and where their values lie. So of course, we want to share our story with you…

Naza Naturals is a bit of a vanity name (linked to our kids), and we had our humble beginnings when our very active and sporty teenager decided to no longer use store bought, chemical-laden body care products because of the harm she was learning they could cause.  Because of her persistence (and she was relentless), the research began and we set out on what has become an ever-expanding mission and passion for truly natural and effective body care products.

For so many things, we really don't need to go the chemical route. The power of nature is truly amazing! Your body will thank you in so many ways. Try and you’ll see... 


We take serving you seriously... very seriously. Our goal is not for you to be a one-time transaction, but rather a happy supporter for life. Our priority is to deliver you a fantastic product, with great friendly service. We can’t promise to be the cheapest out there, but we will certainly deliver on quality and value.

Instagram @nazanaturals

Illuminate Aesthetics 


Over the past few years skincare has become more of a trend or a luxury, but I don’t believe it should be seen as either. Our skin is our bodies largest organ and our outside deserves to be cared for and protected the same as our inside. That is why I feel it is important to use ethical, results driven, high quality products and treatments for all my clients; along with creating each of them customized skincare regimen and treatment plan. No one persons skin is the same that is why, I customize each treatment as needed to help my clients reach their skin goals faster and more effectively. You will never hear me pushing you to buy a product and a series of treatments that you do not need! I am here to help you create the skin of your dreams!

Instagram @illuminate_aesthetics

The Creative Bookworm

Our family owned and operated bookstore has been established in the heart of down town Langley for the last 14 years. We pride ourselves on being the cleanest and most organized used book store with all of our inventory categorized & alphabetized to make your visit an enjoyable one. We have over 100,000 books discounted up to 50% off for all reading levels and ages.

Instagram @thecreativebookwormfam

Rosie is real.

She is my furry grand-puppy. She brings pet allergy awareness to us in a very humorous way. 

Instagram @tinemusic3

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