Zeolite Pouches January 01 2016, 0 Comments

The 3 pouch sizes that fresh-N makes each contain a volcanic mineral, zeolite. We have chosen these sizes as they are highly effective in their respective areas. 

Zeolite granules are all natural, absorb gases, odours and moisture and can be renewed. We purchase our zeolite directly from the mine and have it ground to our specifications. Zeolite is a rock and will not dissolve or break down.

Large pouch – this pouch will remove a smell from a large area (maximum 100 sq. ft.), such as a teenagers room, a shoe closet, or under the seats of a vehicle or a strong smell from a small area, such as a rodent cage or litter box. The pouch contains approximately 8 oz of zeolite.

Medium pouch – this pouch is to be placed by the garbage and/or compost bin (kitchen size) to absorb smell, moisture and any ethylene gas released as produce decomposes. This will stop any smell and also prevent visits from fruit flies. Alternately, the pouch can be placed in the fridge or freezer to control the cross-contamination between foods, lengthen the life of produce and slow the cycling of the fridge which becomes an energy savings of about 10% on the cost of running the appliance. The pouch contains approximately 4 oz of zeolite.

Banana / Fruit Fly pouchHang with your produce, place in the fruit bowl or put in crisper drawers inside the fridge. By absorbing the ethylene that is naturally produced the produce ripens slower and you don’t have fruit flies. The pouch contains approximately 2 oz of zeolite.

The set of 3 is our most popular purchase as it gives endless options for the buyer.

Each pouch needs to be recharged a few times a year. The pouches can be placed outside in the hot sun or placed in a microwave on high. Large pouch – 1 minute. Medium pouch – 30 seconds. Banana Pouch – 10 seconds. The pouches will be HOT and damp! Please remove carefully. We are NOT responsible if you burn your pouches or your fingers!