Zeolite Pouches are the Vendor Spotlight at the Port Moody Farmers Market November 27 2015, 0 Comments

SPOTLIGHT SPECIAL: Holiday Special for $20 a set, rather than $25 for this Sunday only! This 3 pouch set offers one of each of the different sizes of our pouches, so you can experience the effectiveness for yourself!

Stop by the booth this Sunday from 10am - 2pm at the Port Moody Recreation Complex. Click here to the map. 

Our zeolite pouches remove smell and control moisture. Each of the different sizes is designed with a specially sized area in mind. The large pouch will remove a smell from a large area or a large smell from a small area (remove smoke from a family room, or the smell from a kitty litter box). The middle pouch is great around a kitchen compost or garbage or in the fridge. The smallest pouch, our Banana Pouch, works to prevent fruit flies from visiting a fruit bowl or to keep fruit and veggies longer in a fridge crisper drawer.

For more information on the specific pouches, click the highlighted link.

See you at the market!