Freshen Smelly Shoes

Smelly Shoes a problem?

Do you have smelly shoes? You've heard that Fresh-N zeolite pouches are fantastic. That Fresh-N zeolite pouches fix smelly shoes and they dry the shoes too. 

The zeolite pouches remove smell from shoes; dry the shoes, remove toxins from shoes and create a healthier environment for your feet. By drying the shoes and removing the smell, the environment the encourages athletes foot is not present either.

Diva Diamondz and SportzGemz2 both work in smelly shoes, but which do you choose.

Diva Diamondz contain:

  • about 1/4 cup of zeolite each
  • diamond shaped pouches to fit in heels
  • for heels, ballerina flats, sandals
  • dries the shoes, usually overnight
  • for shoes up to a size 9 women's or 7 men's
  • cute and fun
  • 2 pouches strung together with a ribbon

SportzGemz2 contain: 

  • about 1/2 cup of zeolite each
  • rectangular shaped pouches
  • for shoes, boots, sneakers, work boots
  • for women's shoes larger than a size 9 or men's shoes
  • dries dampness in the shoes
  • drop in the shoes each evening after you take the shoes off
  • 2 pouches containing zeolite


A few pair of pouches in a shoe closest will remove the smell from shoes and also help to reduce the smell in the entire closet.

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