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Fresh-N products have no smell at all.

Sensitivities to smell are on the rise.  The incidents of childhood asthma alone have double or tripled in my lifetime.  Cancer is now a very common word and women who work from home, or spend lots of time cleaning are often the ones who suffer.  How many offices have you been in lately that are scent-free environments?

The chemicals we use to clean, to disinfect, to mask smells are all absorbed into the body.  Anything we spray, we breathe.  Do you really wear a mask each time you spray a deodorizer, or a shower cleaner?  Have you ever thought that you should?  Most of us would say, NO.

Did you know that the air inside your home carries more toxins than walking along a freeway?

We have been educated to spray SOMETHING to remove smell.  Almost all those somethings have a chemical base.  What happens when they are sprayed is that the chemical surrounds the smell molecule and we don’t smell it anymore.

When I heard this for the first time, I wondered, “What happens next?”.  I’m sure you have wondered the same thing.  Now the molecule surrounded by the chemical falls.  Falls where?  It drops onto the closest surface – the floor, the carpet, the sofa, the bed…  It’s not gone, it’s just masked.  Think about the buildup over time – yuck!

Fresh-N offers another solution.  We use zeolite in all our products.  Zeolite itself has NO SMELL.  Zeolite has a cage-like structure inside that draws the smell into it, trapping it.  This way the smell molecule is gone.  GONE, not surrounded and dropped.  The smell is then stored inside the zeolite.  The smell is then converted to a nitrate which is one of the components that nourish plants.

Think about this.  You buy a Fresh-N product and use it for several months, up to a few years.  Then you cut open the pouch and empty the granules in your garden or spread them across you lawn.  The plants can now draw on the nitrates which nourishes them.

What a great option!  Check out our different products on the products pages.

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